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"What are our objectives?"

Our objectives

The broad objective of the charity is to assist in bridging the "Digital Divide" for teachers and pupils in primary schools in very impoverished areas of greater Cape Town, through the provision of computer technology and related support services in the schools.

The strategic objectives of the charity are:

  • To enable the teachers and the children in the supported schools to acquire a competent level of computer literacy.
  • To enable the teachers in the supported schools to make effective use of the educational software, with the objective of assisting in raising standards of literacy and numeracy.
  • To enable the teachers in the supported schools to manage their administrative workload more effectively through the use of computer technology.
  • To bring about a situation where the school curriculum and the computer technology are seamlessly integrated: that is, where teaching in the computer laboratory complements what is taught in the classroom and vice versa.
  • To bring about improvements in levels of alertness of the most needy children in the supported schools through the provision of financial assistance for school feeding programmes.
  • Where meaningful and affordable, to provide financial assistance to the supported schools for the promotion of school health programmes.
  • To recruit young, unemployed matriculants in the local communities, and to provide them with formal classroom and on-the-job training in order that they can become professional IT Technicians.
  • By the time the project is completed, to place the supported schools in a position where they can become self-sufficient in terms of the effective and efficient running of their computer facilities.
  • To have independent studies carried out on the impact of the use of the technology on levels of literacy and numeracy at the supported schools.